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WEEK #1 The Basics of LOA


How does this shit really work? We’re talking about the REAL truth about LOA, how it’s already working in your life and how you can hone your skills to make it like “WOW”. Are you ready to own your victory? How about your defeat? Here’s where I give you the REAL strategies, for real change, the moment you start applying them.


WEEK #2 Where Do You Wanna Be?


Let’s get clear about your vision. Seriously though, do you REALLY know what you want? Or are you all over the place like a rabid squirrel (like most people)? This is a deep dive into the vision of your life and what it REALLY looks like. Un-goal yourself and start stating your desires in a way that allow more of what you want into your life quicker!


WEEK #3 Standards (Physical and Energetic)


Setting standards is something that most of us could get better at. But not just physical standards…what about your energetic standards? Ever sat with that one person at a family reunion and just felt exhausted after 20 minutes of conversation? We call those energy vampires and they really do affect your energy. We’re talking about your new standards and how to create and manage them for quick change.


WEEK #4 Core Beliefs


Remember we talked about what you were taught as a kid? Likely those are a huge part of your core beliefs. Your core beliefs run the show. We need to know them and know if they are serving you and what is really running your mental ship? What are the stories you are telling yourself? How do they get created and how do you change them? You’ve got the answers and I’m helping you pull them out and rearrange your belief systems to serve your highest good.


WEEK #5 Owning Your Story

Hi. I’m Rebecca and I’m a recovering people pleaser. Are you guilty? I would venture to say all of us are… even a little. Here we dive deep in the payoffs associated with people pleasing and how it’s a part of your story. Own your story. What is appropriate? What is too much? Owning your story will sky rocket your brand as a realtor and attract your tribe.

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