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Known for her radical honesty and no bullshit approach to spirituality and how to apply it to business and life, Rebecca brings to life big ideas and widely misunderstood concepts about law of attraction and shows her clients how to apply it to create real results in their businesses and lives.

Rebecca has over 25 years of real-life application of the Law of Attraction and spiritual practice to every interaction. Coupled with her extensive experience as a true entrepreneur, a top producing real estate agent for over 15 years and a sold out course creator, she has seen it all. Unlike many touting “theory” only, Rebecca has perfected her processes and teachings when her family “messy created” a situation that would change their lives forever. After seeing her first love arrested, put on trial and later convicted and sentenced to natural life in prison she knew she was left with a decision to make. Fold and play victim and probably end up a statistic or put into practice the concepts she learned at the early age of 19 years old. The answer was clear and Rebecca has spent the last 25+ years applying and perfecting her teachings through real life, sink or swim, nothing to something adventures. She used the concepts she teaches to create a successful real estate business that has fit her lifestyle and sustained her and her family in every way (without a back-up gig)…..and while homeschooling their son from 1st – 11th grade (before homeschooling was cool). At every turn she made a decision to create her life and her business HER WAY without compromising with society or fear that inevitably strikes. She has consistently used her truth and processes and concepts she teaches to not only survive but THRIVE. She is setting the record straight on what Law of Attraction is and what it is not.

Rebecca is a Law of Attraction Expert, Coach, Speaker, Realtor and creator and host of the She’s Un-Offend-Able Podcast. She teaches people to create their lives and businesses from the inside out using her proven processes. She teaches people to not let their circumstances dictate their fate; to soar, not settle; teaching them the power of full accountability.

Work with Me

Are you tired of spinning your wheels in real estate?

Have you been buying different programs, door knocking, cold calling and trying anything you can think of to get your business off the ground with little to no success?

Are you tired of feeling like a failure when you KNOW for sure there is so much potential to do it really BIG in real estate?

Are you ready to start being the Realtor you had envisioned when you signed on to your first brokerage?

If so, then this program is for you!

If you are looking for more cohesiveness in your energy, life & business, this is for you! This membership is based on *REAL* Law of Attraction. In this membership you will receive:

  • Daily doses of real life processes and situations to help you better understand and integrate LOA into your life & biz.

  • Group coaching calls

  • One training monthly that will be business and/or mindset related. Examples Changing Your Stories, Attracting Clients Who LOVE You!, EFT, Business Systems, How to Dominate On Social Media, How to Leverage In Your Business, Authentic Branding, Crystals, Chakra Balancing, and much more.



 I love to help people bridge the energetic gap between where they are and where they want to be. It can be difficult to do this alone which is why I began coaching.

I was born into this world with rashes all over my body and they hung around until the summer before high school. During that time I had a lot of growing and healing to do from being bullied relentlessly. What I didn’t realize is that this was just step 1 in my journey to coaching and helping others move energy and find their own innate power to be EXACTLY who they came here to be. It was because of those lonely days that I tapped into my internal guidance and started to piece together motivations and how people worked. That has been one of my superpowers my whole life. I use it in coaching and also in every day life. It has helped me to decode Law of Attraction on a very practical and actionable level and teach it to others. 

I am not a traditional coach….I am an energy coach. I teach you how to move energy around through Law of Attraction so you begin to create the life you really want from the inside out. I coach a bit differently and do not have a one-size fits all plan for my clients.  


I offer two types of coaching

  1. Situational coaching. Meaning you have a problem and engage my services to bridge the energetic gap between where you are and where you want to be. Once you have gotten to your desired destination we part ways. That is, unless you have another specific goal. Then we do it all over again. As a general rule my coaching sessions last 8-16 weeks. We start with an initial coaching session (up to 2 hours) and then coach weekly for 1 hour.
  2. Mastering Law of Attraction coaching: This coaching is for those who want to master Law of Attraction in every area of their lives and rewire all their thinking to become a happier and more abundant version of themselves. This program has a 1 year commitment with weekly calls and all inclusive pass to all programs and materials I offer. 

Schedule your free 30 minute Clarity Call below.



Two things that might just save the world:

Self-accountability & Un-Offend-Ability

Welcome to the She’s Un-Offend-Able Podcast, where I teach you how to apply *REAL* Law of Attraction to your everyday life to create a life and business you love. The segments are short and to the point because ‘fluff’ has never been my strong suit. If you are ready to make some big changes and hear my journey and how I apply exactly what I teach to create my life then you are in the right place. Here I give you actionable tips and new ideas for how to implement Law of Attraction in your life. No…we are not talking “feel the lambo, get the lambo”. We are talking changing the inside so the outside has to change too! 




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The Energetic Hustle is a tried and true process I have been using for the last 25+ years to create the life I love

It is a step by step guide to leveling up your energy so that you begin to be more in alignment with the things you want and they start to show up quicker.  As a bonus you will start to feel really really damn good. Remember the FEELING is the FIRST MANIFESTATION! Once you get that feeling the Universe is now working to create things that match it. Use this guide and process daily to start to level up your energy and get the things you really want!

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