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Are you ready?

  • Are you ready to make a real change in your life or business?
  • Have you been trying to up level your life or biz with no real results?
  • Are you tired of feeling like life is living you or your business is running you ragged? 

If you said “YESS!!” to any of those questions then you are certainly in the right place. I am an Alignment Coach and Law Of Attraction expert with over 25 years of personal experinece applying Law of Attraction to my life and helping those around me do the same. See, here’ the thing. We are always in alignment with something…. the question is how do we direct our alignment so we end up with not only an insatiable about of joy on the inside but an outside that begins to change to reflect that? I teach you how to use your feelings and focus to mold and shape your life from the inside out. 

Since I don’t believe in ‘luck’ or random happenstance of meeting I know you and I have crossed paths for a reason. The reason is simple: an energy match somewhere in our vibes that brought us together. You know the old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Well, little did the author of that statement know, but that is classic Law of Attraction in action. 

So what’s the next steps? We need to talk! Schedule a Clarity Call below.  If we both feel we are a fit then we will begin on our exciting journey together.  So what are you waiting on? Let’s do this!!!!



Two things that might just save the world:

Self-accountability & Un-Offend-Ability

Welcome to the She’s Un-Offend-Able Podcast, where I teach you how to apply *REAL* Law of Attraction to your everyday life to create a life and business you love. The segments are short and to the point because ‘fluff’ has never been my strong suit. If you are ready to make some big changes and hear my journey and how I apply exactly what I teach to create my life then you are in the right place. Here I give you actionable tips and new ideas for how to implement Law of Attraction in your life. No…we are not talking “feel the lambo, get the lambo”. We are talking changing the inside so the outside has to change too! 

About Rebecca…

Known for her radical honesty and no bullshit approach to spirituality including how to apply it to both business and everyday life, Rebecca is a personal power pioneer on a mission: to remind people of their true power and how to use it to create the life they really want. 

Rebecca brings over 25 years of real-life application of the Law of Attraction and spiritual practice to every speaking event, online teaching, 1:1 coaching sessions and her own personal business and life. After seeing her first love receive an unimaginable life in prison sentence she was left with their one year old son and a life altering decision. Should she fold and play victim or put into practice the concepts she learned at the early age of 19 years old?  The answer was clear and Rebecca has spent the last 25+ years applying and perfecting her teachings through real life, sink or swim, nothing to something adventures. She used the concepts she teaches to create a successful business that has fit her lifestyle and sustained her and her family in every way (without a back-up gig). Whether it was when she was homeschooling their son full time from grades 1-11, owning her truth as she figured out the road with her husband or skyrocketing her business to become a top Real Estate Agent in her market she consistently used her truth and processes and concepts she teaches to not only survive but THRIVE.

Rebecca is the creator of the She’s Un-Offend-Able Podcast and several online courses that are changing lives. She now inspires everyday people, business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to create their lives and businesses from the inside out. She teaches people to not let their circumstances dictate their fate; to soar, not settle; teaching them the power of full accountability. Rebecca is a Realtor, a certified life coach, a badass at life and has been providing real solutions to people everywhere through her signature online courses, one on one and situational coaching sessions and exciting live events.  Her dynamic story, passion and practical approach will inspire you to release your fears and rewrite your story, not your dreams.

Work with Me

If you are tired of life living you this program is for you. If you are tired of trying Law of Attraction programs, books, and techniques with little to no success, this program is for you. In this 6-week video course, you will learn what Law of Attraction REALLY is and how to use it to change your energy and therefore your circumstances. You will gain clarity on where you are what you want. And we will dive deep into concepts of LOA and how to apply them to your life so that you begin to level up your energy and create opportunities and happiness you may have never thought possible.

New session will be starting in July 2019. Sign up for wait list. 

Are you living Ground Hog day? Are you constantly running into the same problems just with different faces and places? Are you frustrated with your life or business?  Do you feel like life is living you? If you are committed to making some real lasting changes and building momentum towards the life you really want to live this is for YOU!

In this LIVE one on one 4 week intensive training you will learn:

ü  How to release yourself from your past and use it as fuel to create what you want

ü  How to love the shit out of yourself RIGHT NOW before anything changes

ü  How to rewrite the storyline of your life so that you create the life you REALLY want and become a serious manifesting magnet

ü  Introducing the NEW YOU!

  • Are you tired of spinning your wheels in real estate?
  • Have you been buying different programs, door knocking, cold calling and trying anything you can think of to get your business off the ground with little to no success?
  • Are you tired of feeling like a failure when you KNOW for sure there is so much potential to do it really BIG in real estate?
  • Are you ready to start being the Realtor you had envisioned when you signed on to your first brokerage?

If so, then this program is for you!

I closed 5 million in real estate business in a year from 1 video and ZERO ad dollars spent. In this 4-week video course, I share the exact process I used to create my video and market it. You will learn how to create a compelling video that speaks to your ideal customer so you can generate NOW business. You also will learn how to identify your target audience, write killer ad copy, how to get your video out there and follow up techniques I used to seal the deals.


This Membership is specifically designed for people who are willing to take radical accountability for their lives, level up their energy and create the life they have dreamed of. The Membership consists of weekly LIVE calls via Zoom every Thursday at 3pm EST. Membership launches September 26, 2019!

**BONUS** Each month there will be an in depth training on a relevant topic for business and life.

*for the first 33 people only

Speaking Events

Have an event and need an awesome speaker? Here I am!

Let’s connect! Send me the details and I will get back to you asap!

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The Energetic Hustle is a tried and true process I have been using for the last 25+ years to create the life I love

It is a step by step guide to leveling up your energy so that you begin to be more in alignment with the things you want and they start to show up quicker.  As a bonus you will start to feel really really damn good. Remember the FEELING is the FIRST MANIFESTATION! Once you get that feeling the Universe is now working to create things that match it. Use this guide and process daily to start to level up your energy and get the things you really want!

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